• How to make her Squirt

    How to make her squirt

    Give her a full body orgasm
    When a woman has an orgasm Oxytocin is released into the brain in mass amounts. Although it is released at  other times during the day it floods the receptors during orgasm. So in theory, the better the orgasm, the more oxytocin is released.
    Why are we talking all this medical mumbojumbo?
    Romantic attachment: In some studies, high levels of plasma oxytocin have been correlated with romantic attachment. For example, if a couple is separated for a long period of time, anxiety can increase due to the lack of physical affection. Oxytocin may aid romantically attached couples by decreasing their feelings of anxiety when they are separated.
    Bonding: In the prairie vole, oxytocin released into the brain of the female during sexual activity is important for forming a monogamous pair bond with her sexual partner. Vasopressin appears to have a similar effect in males. Oxytocin has a role in social behaviors in many species, so it likely also does in humans. In a 2003 study, both humans and dog oxytocin levels in the blood rose after five to 24 minutes of a petting session. This possibly plays a role in the emotional bonding between humans and dogs.
    In questionnaire surveys, 35–50% of women report that they have at some time experienced the gushing of fluid during orgasm. That means up to half of women that has had an orgasm has already had a squirting experience. Here we have a diagram of the female vagina, You can see the G spot is not hard to find. The fingers should but inserted past the second knuckle, and point up towards the pubic bone.
    Things to take into consideration, the stress level of the woman (the lower the better the chances are), being comfortable, time of last orgasm, if the..”oven is already warmed up” so to speak.  
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